What should be considered in the construction of high-rise steel structures? (1)

May 08, 2019

Steel structural materials and structural members


First, the variety and grade of the main steel


There are many varieties of steel and different properties. There are two main types of steel used in steel structures, one is carbon structural steel (or ordinary carbon steel), and the other is low-alloy structural steel. Low alloy steel has high strength due to alloying elements such as manganese and vanadium.


Second, the connection material


The connection of the steel structure is to join the individual members in a certain way. The correct mutual position between the members should be ensured to ensure the transmission force and the use requirements. The joints should have sufficient static strength and fatigue strength. Therefore, the connection is an important link in the design and construction of the steel structure. The connection of the steel structure should conform to the principles of safety, reliability, steel saving, simple structure and convenient construction.

The connection method of the steel structure is divided into riveting, welding, ordinary bolts and high-strength bolt connections. According to the connection method, the connecting materials are divided into the following types.

1, rivets

2, ordinary bolts

3, high strength bolts

4, welding materials: Welding materials mainly include welding electrodes, welding wire and flux.

Steel structural materials and structural